Dance Floor Hire in Warwickshire

Covering Warwick Leamington Spa, Stratford Upon Avon, Kenilworth, Alcester, Southam

Green Claws - Weddings & Events is a local events company who provides dance floor hire in Warwickshire. Since the late 1990s we have been based in and around Stratford upon Avon in Warwickshire. Meaning that towns such as Leamington Spa, Southam, Alcester are all within a few miles of us. If you want a local company to provide your dance floor hire in Warwickshire, then we can help.

A list of our regular Warwickshire venues that we install our dance floors at are listed below.

Ettington Park hotel near Stratford Upon Avon in  Warwickshire is a regular venue for us. Not only do we provide the dance floor hire but also other lighting, DJs and Photobooths too.

Walton Hall Hotel near to Wellsbourne in Warwickshire. It's a very regular venue for us and have provide dance floor hires to the hotel for a number of years now.

Compton Verney - providing exclusive dance floor hire to Compton Verney since early 2018

For more photos of the dance floor hires in Wariwckshire that we have previously been booked for check out our dance floor hire gallery.

If you are just looking for dance floor hire in Warwickshire you can view our specific dance floor hire website - Wedding Dance Floor Hire 

There are a number of styles of dance floor that you can choose to hire for your wedding or event.

  • Parquet
  • Black and White Chequered
  • Coloured
  • LED Starlit
  • Printed Patterns
  • Custom Designs

The costs for dances floor hire vary dramtically. The factors that affect the overal price for the dance floor hire are listed below.

  • Style of dance floor
  • Size of dance floor
  • Venue location
  • Venue access
  • Setup and collection time

Dance floor hire in Warwickshire