Walton Hall Hotel

Planning your Wedding at Walton Hall Hotel?  There have been countless weddings and events we have provided dance floors, lighting and light up letters for at Walton Hall.

Light Up Letters 

There are many areas where we can set up our light up letters at the hotel. If you party is in the courtyard there are a couple of options. They can be setup either in front of the DJ or along one of the side walls.
If the party is in the Moncreif suit   they can be setup in the quieter area just outside of the room. Another option is in front of the DJ. No matter what room you have the light up letters always look stunning!

Dance Floors

The smallest dance floor we ever hire to Walton Hall is a 14' x 12'. However this is slightly on the small side especially for the courtyard. I would recommend a minimum of 16' x 14'.
In the Moncreif suite the smallest I would suggest is a 14' x 14'. But Ideally up to a 16' x 18 depending on where you have the dance floor installed.

Lighting at Walton Hall Hotel

Moodlighting can really transform the hotel, especially if you are having both the meal and party in the same room. The moodlighting can be set on a range of colours or even colour changing. We did a Facebook Live in the courtyard at Walton Hall which showcased our letters, colour changing moodlighting and also starlit dance floor. Courtyard Live Stream

Have a look at the images below and then call or email to Book us for your wedding or party at Walton Hall.

Walton Hall Hotel Wedding Gallery