Napier / Conservatory

When using the Napier and Conservatory for your wedding reception at the Queens hotel the disco is always situated in the Napier room (the one next to the Conservatory). Our standard disco is more than suitable for use in the Napier and our moodlighting always adds a really nice touch. We can set the lighting to match your colour scheme.

We wouldnt receomend using a stalit dance floor in the napier as there is a great wooden floor already there and using a starlit just never seems to look quite right. We also would advise to not use our wedding band in the napier as there is limited space.


There are lots of things you can do in the Regencey room. From a simple disco through to our mobile nightclub. Moodlighting again works really really well, our roadshow disco does fit across the back wall perfectley too, which gives more lighting to create a great party atmosphere. Our starlit dance floor in either black or white adds some sparkle to the evening along with one of our starcloth back drops again in either Black or White. We have also used our black and red dance floor hrie at the queens hotel which compliemnted the couples colour them perfectley.