Fully Insured and PAT Certificated

PLI, PAT Risk Assessment & Method Statements

In these sections you can view and download all of our documentation that a venue may ask for.

For every event we carry out a risk assessment and a method statement. This ensure that we get everything set up in the safest manner possible. As each venue and almost all set ups are completely unique. The risk assessment and method statement are done an an event by event basis. But sample ones can be downloaded.

Being Fully Insured .... Public Liabilty Insurance (PLI)

We have our Public Liability Insurance as part of our membership the National Association of DJs. The insurance covers up to the value of £10,000,000 . It also includes our Employers Liability insurance.


All of our equipment is tested for safety a minimum of every 6 months. These tests are visual as well as connecting to a Portable Appliance Tester to ensure that there is no earth leakage. All plugs and connectors are also check to ensure that our equipment is as safe as it can possibly be.


Risk Assesments & Method Statements

For every event we carry our both a risk assessment and also create a method statement. The risk assessment is there to ensure that we know all the potential risks of bringing the equipment into the venue and how we ensure that any risks are at an absolute minimum. The method statement ensures we know how we will be setting up in a safe manner, this includes carrying equipment into a venue, manual handling and and where equipment will be placed once it has been brought into the venue.