Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

As we can provide hundreds of variations of all of our services, we don't actively advertise our individual pricing for all event services.

Our customers usually require more than one service and we always like to offer bespoke packaged deals, ensuring our customers are getting the best possible deal for their wedding or event.

Its a question we get asked a lot and it was only recently when a customer said something to us that really summed up why people should chose us. "Damian and his team treated our wedding like it was their own, making sure every little detail was done to perfection", That is why people book us and it is why you should to. We make sure that everything we do is done as well as we would want at our own wedding or event.

We carry £10 million of Public Liability Insurance and this also includes our Employers Liability Insurance. Please see our Legal Bits page for downloadable copies.

We class our local area is 1 hour from Broadway in Worcestershire, however we do travel anywhere for work! When we say we go anywhere we really do mean it. In 2013 and 2014 alone we have travelled from Inverness to The Isle of White, not to mention 2 trips to Barcelona, Berlin, Amsterdam, Lille and Istanbul!!

No matter how good or even how new equipment is there is always a possibility that something may go wrong. Everything from backup laptops through to backup sound systems. Everything has a backup system so no matter what the problem we can fix it.

We always have one of our very own DJs on standby, with vehicle loaded and ready to go until every DJ has checked in at their events. It is extremely rare that this ever gets used, but there have been a couple of occasions due to traffic accidents (luckily we were not involved) and a last minute family issue. But as we always have one of our very experienced team on Standby you don't have anything to worry about.

YES YES YES!!! We welcome requests both before your event day and also on the night. Once you have made your booking with us you can login to your own request site and add songs to 3 different lists "must play", "play if possible" and "do not play". You can even give a separate login to your guests so that they make requests to get them up to dance (don't worry you can still veto any you don't like).

Of Course! Anyone that doesn’t is just asking for trouble, not only do we issue written booking contracts but all of your details are included within your request site so you can see at a glance exactly what we are providing, when we will do it and how much it costs.

We ask for a 25% deposit to secure your booking and then the balance is due 28 days before your event date. Payment can be made via bank transfer or online through your request site (secure PayPal portal) . The details for this are on the bottom of your booking contract.

This is usually a no, unfortunately. Basically most of our events are private ones such as birthdays or Weddings. It would be unfair of us to invite other people to someones else’s party. On the rare occasion we do have public performances you would be more than welcome to come along ....BUT, it probably won't show you what you want to see. As we always read the crowd and play music that is appropriate to them. This can mean that you come and see us and we play a completely different style of music to that which you will want for your wedding or event.

Simple answer is that it depends on the event. For a formal party or Wedding reception the DJ usually wears full suit or trousers, shirt and waist coat. Always smart! But its your event, if you would prefer the DJ to be more casual then that is absolutely fine. Also some of the DJs are happy to wear Tuxedos to better blend in with the decor of your event.
All Staff will arrive in company T-Shirts and black work trousers or smart jeans to set up, then change into appropriate dress code for the actual Party.

We could have a big long list here of the various makes and models of the equipment we use, but its not something that we do, because unless you are working in the industry makes and models probably won't mean a great deal to you. What we do provide is the very best for each event. Whether that is a small and discreet sound system to a full on nightclub. We provide the equipment that is right for you and your event.