Day: November 22, 2016

venue transformation

Venue Transformation: 5 Inspirational Ways to Make Your Event Truly Your Own

When you’re deciding on a venue for your wedding, it can be hard to picture what it will look like on the big day. How are you going to decorate your venue to show some personality and get people in the partying mood?

Venue transformation is all about your personal tastes. Stop listening to what other people are telling you about how it should look. In the end, your wedding reception or corporate event shouldn’t reflect someone else’s personality. It should reflect yours.

Wedding planning alone is already a highly stressful and time-consuming project, so you might not think you have time to personalise everything. The truth is, you can make your party unique and fun every step of the way!

Planning your big day is going to take some hard work, but don’t worry, because we’re here to make the whole process easier.

Check out our 5 inspirational ways to make your celebration truly your own, and throw a party that people will be talking about for years to come!

5 Steps to an Inspirational Venue Transformation

1. Light Up the Room!

The mood lighting in your venue might just be the most influential part of how people remember your event. It sets the mood for the evening, whether you’re going for thoughtful and sophisticated, energetic and fun, or anything in between!

Suspended Lights

If your venue has high ceilings, you can use hanging strings of lights to create an artificial ceiling that creates a cozy atmosphere for the room.

It also keeps certain areas of the room from being darker than others, which keeps your guests in the corners from feeling left in the shadows, and hopefully gets people moving to the dance floor.


Uplighting is the process of placing coloured lights in your centerpieces, along the walls, or on specific decorations to make specific pieces more bright and colourful.

Want to add a little life to the standard boring white walls? Get some colourful lights that match your theme and splash some flavor on your shindig.


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