Starcloth Hire and Venue Drape Hire

Starcloth Backdrop Hire

Other than being beautiful to look at, a Starcloth has a few different functions. The main use is to provide a backdrop for the DJ, your live entertainment or the top table. Other possibilities include hiding sections of the room you would prefer not be used during your wedding and to also change the shape of the room. We have several Starcloths in both Black and White to suit your choice of Disco and in varying sizes to suit your function room.

All of our starcloths come in a width of 6m which is ideal for a wedding reception’s top table. Should you have a larger top table we simply join two starcloths together to give a continuous and seamless run.

Venue Drape Hire

You can choose to either make a single feature wall from our venue draping hire or to drape an entire room. You can even use it in the centre of rooms to partition off sections during a party or your wedding reception. We can supply freestanding drapes on telescopic support systems or can attach the drapes to fixing points that may already exist at your venue.

We ensure you get the very best looking venue drape hire. All of our venue drapes have Velcro strip to ensure a continuous and seamless blend across the room, creating the very best look and effect that you could imagine. We have turned old farm barns into magical wedding venues and bland empty conference rooms into amazing venues for wedding fairs. The possibilities are endless!

Ardencote Manor Room Drapes

Full venue drapes at Ardencote Manor along with Pink and Mint Green moodlighting, starlit dance floor, chair covers and Light Up Letters

Alexandra House Wedding Drapes

Venue drapes with partition walls along with moodlighting, starlit backdrop, starlit dance floor with white disco setup. A real venue transformation

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